Director: F.W. Murnau, Germany 1924
G. Ekmann, E. Jannings, C. Horn, Y. Gilbert e.a.
Film-Music: Günter A. Buchwald

Clip from the live recording of the premier 2012
Philh. Orch. Freiburg, Cond.: G.A. Buchwald
Murnau's Faust combines elements of the medieval folk tale with the pieces by Goethe and Marlowe. From the prologue in heaven till the final triumph of love, this metaphysique fantasy thriller decribes the battle between good and evil.

" ... Buchwald's music is a great achievement [...]
He uses musical citations with virtuosity [...] 
He drives on or calms down the action, paints a detail
or creates a fantastic panorama.. "

Director: F. W. Murnau, Germany 1922

Restorerd + tinted version , 93'
with: M. Schreck, G.v. Wangenheim, G. Schröder e.a.
Film Music: Günter A. Buchwald

Clip from the live recording of the premier 2015
Philh. Orch. Freiburg, Cond.: G.A. Buchwald

This first film adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula"
was one of the first "horror films" and belongs to the most impressive masterpieces of the German silent movie era:
an expressionistic pictorially powerful psychogram.

"... a truely wonderful “Symphony of Horror”,
in the same time melodious and effective and captivating rhythmical ... "

" ... this music is the essential key for the modern interpreta-
tion of Bram Stoker´s Dracula, brilliantly working out
the ups and downs of psychological human behavior !”

"... standing ovation [...] for an outstanding, highly interes-
ting and congenial interpretation.”

(Naniga kanojo o so saseta ka - Was hat sie dazu getrieben?)
Director:S. Suzuki, Japan 1929
Restored version 1997, 76'
with: K.Takatsu, T. Unno, T. Nijo, R. Fujima e.a.
Film Musikc Günter A. Buchwald
World premier:  Filmfestival Kyoto  1997

Clip with ouverture and 2 scenes
Filarmonica Banatul Timisora, Cond.: G.A. Buchwald
A masterpiece of the japanese silent movie era from the 30ies.
A socio-critical tragedy, staged with avantgardistic style elements, an innovative camera work
and a great acting performance by Keiko Takatsu as Sumiko.

[...] an impressive piece of modern "E" music with a variety of sound-painting and melodious elements..."

"The music combines modern atonality with reminiscences of Asian Pentatonic and symphonical late Romantic [...] a discrete music, which precisely by that gains an amazing thrilling quality  [...] , which stands even without pictues.. "

The Wind
Director: V. Sjöström, USA 1928
Restored versiong Cineteca del Friuli, 76'
with: L. Gish, L. Hanson e.a.
Film Music: Günter A. Buchwald
World premier:
Cividale del Friuli 2017

Clip from the live recording of the premier 2017
Zerorchestra, Acad. d'Archi Arrigoni,  Cond.: G.A. Buchwald

A thriller set in the rural Texas of 1880, partly a western,
partly a dramatic love story
: challenged by the forces of nature
a naive beauty matures to become an adult woman.

A highlight in the career of Hollywood star Lilian Gish.

" ... a classical silent movie (...), who offered to Lillian Gish
one of the best parts of her career.

" ...one of the last great silent movies — with an amazing  desert storm scene magnificently set to pictures ..."

Director: A. Wolkoff, France, 1927
Restored version Cinémathèque Francaise 1989 , 133'
I. Mosjukin, S.Bianchetti, J. Jugo, M. Ivogün e.a.
Film Music: Günter A. Buchwald
World premier: Freiburg 2019

Clip with ouverture
Music added by digital device

A big spectacle with an abundancy of varied places and episodes located in Venise, St. Petersburg and Austria, with  different ambiances between imperial court and street life, pursuit in the winter forest and adventures on Venetian lagoons, and, above all, impressionating mass scenes,
opulent scenery and costumes.

„ A resplendent silent movie with overwhelming mass scenes, staged in richly detailed decorations."

" This movie is a big hit in any aspect, perfect in it's scenic realisation and concerning the acting as well, truely unique by it's fantastic presentation and hardly to be surpassed."