As a child already, Jean Jacques Lemêtre tought himself how to play a variety of instruments. 
As a 12 year old he performs with Parisian rock bands, sings and plays the saxophone and clarinet. He approaches individual musical eras and styles through the direct handling of certain typical instruments in order to obtain a profund understanding "from within" as it were.

Parallel to this he began a wide comprehensive academic training:
Gregorian Chants at the Acedemy of Loretto, Clarinet, Saxophone, Composition and Instrument Building at the Paris conservatory and graduated with several awards, degrees and diplomas (further details: see below).

He has performed with several French symphonic orchestras, engages - partly exclusively - in the music and the instruments of the Middle Ages (Orchestre Médiéval de Paris), works with Pierre Boulez in his Orchestre Intercontemporain. In between he returns to Rock, plays Jazz and Free Jazz, pertaining stilistic elements of European and extra Europan Folklore, as well as traditional music of the Middle East.

In 1978 he worked for the first time with Ariane Mnouchkine and her Théâtre du Soleil  (Mephisto) where he found his artistic focus. The work and success of one of the most important theatres of our time is now unthinkable without him .

He prepares himself intensively for every production: sejourns for a relevant period of time in a certain country, exploring its traditions, religion and art, collecting instruments, re-constructing them or building new ones in order to attain a particular timbre of sound.
During the process of experimenting, he selects together with the performers from a vast number of instruments those ones, which reflect the basic mood of a performance, a part's character or a scene's specific rhythm.
On the evening of the premier his music is compositionally committed, however remaining open to individual inspiration throughout the performance.

A member of the ensemble describes these unusual proceedings:
"Jean Jacques invents or rather "finds" the music at the very moment the sound occurs. He breathes with the performers. He follows the constantly aternating beat  of the pulse of every figure. He tranferes the vibes of the emotions into space -makes visible the traces every actor draws around and carries them with him like the lines of a magnetic field.
It seems as if certain impulses flow from the stage in his hands directly and are conducted into the instruments' leather, wood or metall.
From these in turn arise pictures and rhythms which are neither realistic nor abstract, but create a certain space in which the tale can complete itself."

As well as working intensively with Ariane Mnouchkine he has since the 70's taken part in film-, tv- and theatre productions, so vast in number that they can scarecely be kept track of.
He has written theatre-, ballet- and film music, and has also composed three operas and music for the Olympic Winter Games  in Alberville 1992, not to mention the Bi-Centenial of the French Revolution. He  creates audio-visual experiments, circus spectacles, music for Vaudeville and advertising and engages in the set up of multi media internet presence. For the opening night of the tv channel ARTE he was in charge as musical director (further details: see below).

He does seminars and workshops on traditional instruments and theatre music throughout the world (Japan, China, Indonesia, India). He is continually invited to particular countries, the musical traditions of which have unfortunately been buried by virtue of political developments and wars, in order to assist in reviving the traditional tunes and to pass on his knowledge about the meaning and the use of their traditional instruments.
Thus he was for instance recently several times in Afghanistan.

Many pieces of his live performed theatre music have been recorded on CD , furthermore  4 CDs of his own concert compositions are now available (further details: see below).

From all over the world Jean Jacques Lemêtre collects original instruments (of which in some cases he probably owns the last one) and creates his individual constructions in order to achieve a certain timbre of sound for stage music.
In the meantime his collection consists of more than 2500 instruments. For the live music of ThdS' "Circle of the Atrides" about 300 of these were playd by him and his assistants on a secondary stage exclusively erected for the musicians. 
Several of his pieces of theatre music for the Théâtre du Soleil  were awarded with a prize of the „Meilleure Composition Scénique de l’Année“.
In 2005 he was the first to be awarded with the newly founded Prix Molière for Theatre Music.

Since 1986 the wish to pass on the musical-ethnological variety of his work and his meditative-sensuous contact with every form of musical utterance and to share them with others, lead to a range of self produced performances.

In his solo concert "Le Voyage Visuel Musical“ and his production "Musique des 5 Continents" Lemêtre introduced a selection of his vast collection of instruments from all over the world.
In is not his aim to present faithfully traditional music, which should be left to the native artists of these individual contries, but  to convey the essential core of a certain cultural community with the aid of these instruments and to get closer to the feeling and thinking of the people who have built and used them.

Finally in 1993 the Music Theatre Produktion „Il y a une Planète was developed, in which Lemêtre summed up his work and his diverse contacts with the cultures of the worlds.
In a fictive "global village", at the edge of an inhabitated planet, musicians, singers and dancers from several countries and cultures "tell" of themselves and of their world - without words, solely with sound and movement.
In 1996 he wrote the music for a text about the atomic reactor accident of Tchernobyl, which he performed together with the actot Georges Bigot.

So, in the meantime, he is not only known through his guest performances with the productions of the Théâtre du Soleil, but also through his own productions  as well as his "Conversation Concerts" with a selection of  rare original instruments from all over the world , which are  now  a steady component of many international festivals.

Unique to Jean Jacques Lemêtre's concerts and vastly contributing to their great success is certainly the "Concert after the Concert“ whereby members of the audience are inivited to come on stage and to play these rare instruments themselves.
Thus, his concerts regularly end with an improvised session uniting a variety of people, who are complete strangers to one another but inspired by a common fascination.

For those who are looking for titles, prizes and numbers....
Education / Awards

·    Cathedral of Angers (F) : Maîtrise du Chant Grégorien
·    Notre Dame di Loretto (I) :
·    1er prix au concours du Chant Grégorien
·    1er prix de Clarinette
·    1er prix de Basson
·    1er prix de Solfège
·    1er prix d’Histoire de la Musique
·    1er prix de Culture et Humanisme
Work as a Teacher
·    1972-83    Conservatoire du 11ème Arrondissement (Paris).
                      clarinet, soprano saxophone, bassoon + solfeggio
·    1972-74    CEG in Châtillon + Bagneux.
·    1974-81    Summer courses for music teachers in Brittany
·    1975-84    Conservatoires de Chaville + Vélizy.
·    1977-81    Conservatoire de Bièvres, clarinet + saxophone
·    1980-84    Conservatoire de Cergy-Pontoise, bassoon + Jazz
·    1977-81    Head of the  Département de Musique at “CREAR"
                      (Centre de formation permanente pour les Arts)
·    1979-84    Directeur Musical der "ATEM“ (Atelier des
                      Techniques d’Expressions Musicales)
·    1975         Courses in Vélizy, Courcouronnes, Chantilly,
                      Margency + Eaubonne
·    1977         Colloquia and Workshops for music therapy at
                      Guest Lectures at "CERIS “ (École Image et Son)
                      in Gouvieux
·    1979-84    Workshop + Animations at pre- and primary schools
                      (Chaville, Cergy) as well as colleges (Chaville,
·    1984-85    Jazz Workshops in Thionville (Centre d’Action
·    1984-88     Artistic Director and Music Educationalist in charge
                      of "l’Orchestique“ (Paris) and the Cartoucherie de                            Vincennes (Paris)
·    1988          Dance Workshop with Rafaël Djaïm in Uzès.
·    1994-97     Workshop for the Company "L’oeil du silence“,
                       with Anne Sicco, (Anglars-Juillac)
·    1995          Seminars and Workshops at  "The Fourth Intern.
                      Meeting of Contemporary Music,Theatre and                                    Opera“ in Toronto (Kanada).
·    1996          Course "Musique, théâtre et danse“ in Metz
·    1999          Workshop for the Company "L’œil du silence “ with                          Anne Sicco,  (Anglars-Juillac )
                       to be continued ..........
Occupation as Musician / Musical Career
·    1969         Orchestre Mic Cartney (saxophone, clarinets)
·    1970-78    Ensemble J. Ritchie (Old Music)
·    1972 :       Orchestre Michel Bréval (saxophone) et Octuor
                      de France (bassoon).
·    1972-79    Ensemble Médiéval Français (Old Music)
·    1972-77    Ensemble Prospection
·    1972-75    Ensemble Symphonique "Concerto “
·    1973         Recording: "Six siècles de musique en duo“
                      (Minerva, Schott)
·    1974         Radio Production for "Paris-Calling Africa“
                      (Radio France Int.)
                      Orchestre du Cirque "Bonjour “ v.  JB. Thierrée.
                      Film:  "Colinot trousse-chemise“ ( N. Companeez)
                      Ensemble de Musique Ancienne de J. Leguy
·    1975         Theatre: "L’Échange“  (Claudel),
                      Théâtre de la Ville, Paris
·    1976         TV-Film: "Jean Pinot, Médecin de Campagne“ 
                      Orchestre de Chambre de St. Germain en Laye
                      (contemporary music)
                      Concert: "Concert de Moondog“  Salle Gaveau,
·    1977 :       Dance Theatre: produkcion with Elsa Wolliaston
                      Music Therapy, IME, Les Mureaux.
                      TV-Film, "Tom et Julie“ 
·    1978 :       Soloist Big Band "Pour les livraisons, frapper fort “
                      Soloist Big Band "Tenango“
                      Soloist "L’Amsterdam Friends Big Band “
                      Recording: "Solfeggio“ für Kinder
·    1979         Music Therapy for: I.M.E-I.M pro (L’Oise, Chaville)
                      TV-Film:  "Les Dames de la Côte“
·    1980         Theatre Production: Theater „Aleph“ (Chile)
                      Film:  "La Mort“ (D. Greusard)
                      Concert: Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra, Tuba.
·    1981         Theatre: "L’Epopée du Ciment“  (B. Toussaint)
                      Theater: "Sandwich on the Blues“ (JC. Bourbault)
                      (Comédie de Paris)         
                      Theatre: "Une Femme“ (Anne Delbée)
                      (Cristiana-Theater, Kopenhagen)
·    1982         Theatre: "Hello-Goodbye“ (I. Famchon)
                      (Théâtre de la Tempête, Paris).
                      Opera: La meurtrière, (Papadiamantis)
                      (France Culture).
·    1983         Theater: “Rue Noire“  (Roger Blin)
                      (Théâtre de l’Épée de Bois).
                      Theatre:  "Patience dans l’Azur" 
                      Dance: "Les Barbares“, Compagnie "Rue
                      Terrain Vague “.
·    1985         Theatre: "L’Animal de l’Aube“ (G. Bonnaud)
                      Theatre: "Sans l’ombre d’un fil“  (J. Gruson)
·    1988         Concert:  Head of the "Orchestre Symphonique
                      Moondog“  Rennes, "Les Transmusicales“
·    1993         Concert: Concert with Giora Feidman at the
                      Cartoucherie (Paris).
                      to be continued .........

    THÉÂTRE DU SOLEIL (Ariane Mnouchkine) -
    Musical Director, Composition, Soloist
·    1979-80    Méphisto
                      Tour, Video
·    1981-84    Shakespeare Cycle: Richard II, La Nuit des Rois,
                      Henry IV.
                      Tour (Los Angeles, Berlin, Munich, Avignon)
·    1985-87    L’Histoire Terrible mais Inachevée de Norodom
                      Sihanouk, Roi du Cambodge    
                      Tour (Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Madrid, Barcelona)
                      Production of the MC with original music
·    1987-88    L’Indiade ou l’Inde de leur rêve
                      Tour (Israël)
                      Production of the MC with the original music
                      Vidéo L’Indiade  (Bernard So)bel.
·    1989         Original film:  La nuit Miraculeuse
·    1990         Cycle: Les Atrides, L’Orestie, Iphigénie in Aulis,
                      Agamemnon, Les Choéphores, Les Euménides
                      Production of 4 CDs with original music
                      Tour (England, Germany, France, Sicily, Canada
                      Austria, New-York)
·    1994         La Ville Parjure ou le Réveil des Erynies 
                      Tour (Lüttich, Vienna, Avignon, Recklinghausen)
·    1995         Le Tartuffe (Molière) (production + recording of the
                      sound tracks)
                     Tour (Vienna,  Avignon, Lüttich, Berlin,                                           Copenhagen)
                      Film:  Ariane et Compagnie by Martine Franck.
·    1997        TV-Film for ARTE:  Au Soleil même la Nuit
                      v. C. Vilpoux +  A. Mnouchkine.
·    1997-1998    Et Soudain... des Nuits d’Eveil,
                      Création collective avec H.Cixous
                      Tour  (Moskow)
·    1998 :       Articlel on the music of the Théâtre du Soleil in
                      Trajectoires du Soleil  Éditions théâtrales
·    1999 :       Tambours sur la digue 
                      Prix ‘Molières’: best performance, best director,
                      beste scenography
                      Tour (Bâlel, Antwerp, Lyon, Montréal)
                      + CD / DVD
·    2003         Le dernier Caravansérail (Odyssées)
                      Co-Productions Ruhrfestspiele 
                      + CD
                      to be continued  ......
·    1978-80    17 films attributed  "X “.
·    1979          "Peugeot 102 et le dernier 55“   (Ph. Truffaut)
·    1983          "Le dernier mot de Picasso“   (G. Chavagnac)
·    1984          "Appelez-moi donc Eugène“  (E. Mistler.)
·    1977           "Le premier concert dans le métro“  (März 1977).
·    1985-2004
        Amsterdam (Tropen Muséum).
        Copenhagen (Louisiana) Hummelboek.
        Berlin (Café Einstein, U.F.A. Fabrik)
        Cologne (Schauspielhaus).
        Aarhus, Denmark (Grand Théâtre).
        Munich (Prinzregententheater).
        Paris (Fondation Friedrich Ebert).
        Antony (Expo Tapisserie de L. Meyer, F. Giannesini).
        Gent, Belgium (Vooruit).
        Düsseldorf (Werkstatt)
        India, Indonesia, Turkey, Afghanistan
                        to be continued ...…

·    1977     "Eyes, yes“ , film/multi image on mentally disabled
·    1983     "Patience dans l’Azur“, scenic-theatrical
                   multimedia spectacle, CMB 3D, 3-dimensional
                   sound installations
·    1986     "La nef-musiq“, audio visual scenography for a mobile
                   spektacle around a monitor installation
                   "Tête-à-tête, as-tu tête“ de G. Bonnaud.
·    1987      "Finis-Terrae“, 3-dimensional installation
·    1988      "Continuum“, what you win or lose when you are                             visually impaired or hard of hearing
                   "A cœur Ouvert“, multi-image installtion
·    1996       Le jardin des délices, CD Rom interactif, Pan Doors,
                    Métafort d’Aubervilliers
·    1998       Site Oniroland, La Galerie Uchronique
·   1999      Studies for „L’Agora du Monde“ as well as the further                     development as "Cyber-Opera“  E(X/S)O
                   "Sept plus un égale infini“ series of documetaries on
                    multiple intelligence
·    2000/1    Work on the 3-dimensional web-site
                    Draft for the Cyber-Opéra  E(X/S)O will be installed                         here
                    to be continued .....

·    1986      "Tramvie“, Musée scientifique de la Villette (Voyage au
                   coeur de la vie)..
·    1987      "Le bon plaisir “ v. Hélène Cixous (Radio France
                   "Tracas“  (Film v. P. Traon)
                   "Auf der Suche nach der Sonne“  (Film v. W.
                   "Der gehörnte Violinohrenglockenbass“
                   (TV-Film by W. Bern /Hamburg,N.D.R).
                   "Gaspard, Melchior et Balthazar (play by M.Tournier,
                   production: J.Negulescu
 ·   1988      "Ether-je“ (dance theatre by A. Sicco) Cahors, Berlin
                   "Dom Juan 2000“ (theatre prod. by Ph.Avron)
                   Avignon, Bruxelles, Cannes, Paris a.o.
                   "Le bon plaisir“ by Ariane Mnouchkine (Radio
                   France Culture).
                   "Le magazine des Arts“ TV production
                   T.V. Flamande, B.R.T., Antwerp,
                   "Les mardis du théâtre“ by L. Attoun (Radio France
                   Culture, Mégaphonie).
                   "Les nuits magnétiques“ by G. Pezenat (Radio
                    France Culture), Drôles d’instruments.
·    1989       Opening of the Arena in Nîmes: „Antica“
                    by Rafaël Djaïm.
                    TV series: "Tatort“ - Medizinmänner, (BR)
                    "Résurgences“ (Dance video by Rafaël Djaï,
                    "Medea“ by Euripides (staged by.: D. Quéhec)
                   "Hékuba“  by  Euripides  (TV prod. by Bernard                                 Sobel)
                    "Shahnoor“ by J. Cluzeau (Pakistan),
                    "La nuit du Soleil“ by Y. Breuil (Océaniques FR3)
·    1990      "Ismène“ by J. Ritsos (staged by: J. Derenne.                                 Théâtre 13)
                    "La captive du Désert“  (film by R. Depardon)
                    "Comme nous serons heureux“ (tv film by M.
                    "Visages“  (La Sept)
                    "The Bacchants“ by Euripides, (staged by:
                    Ph. Adrien)
                   "Hafendetektiv, N° 21 et 22, (Film by P. Carpentier) ·    1991            Grand prix de la critique "Meilleur
                    Compositeur de
Musique de Scène“
                    "Akhal-téké“ (Theaterstück v. J.C. Bourbault)
                    "En piste“, C.D. with circus music
                    "Les Larmes de Nora“ (dance film by K. Saporta)
                    "Des cornichons au chocolat“ (tv film by M.
                    "Écrits sur l’eau“  (staging: N. Arestrup)
                    "La nuit de l’an 2000“, by P. Avron, C. Evrard and M.
                    Magical Show by G. Bétant with Abdul Alafrez (T.V.
                    Caroline FR3)
·    1992       Théâtre, Les poupées, staged by: G. Rétoré,
                    St. Étienne + T.E.P.
                    Directeur musical of the opening evening of
                    Choreography, Le Voyageur Immobile de G.
                    Fire works on 14 July at Trocadéro
                    "Avron et Evrard en liberté", Festival d’Avignon.
                    Choreography on Beckett, by C. Escarret.
                    Music for the opening ceremony of the
                    Winter Olympics of Alberville

                    Musical director at the Theatre Festival „ Pierres
                    de Culture" in Moselle
·    1993       Cirque, Micha et le Prince Karlwolff, D. Toutlemonde,
                    Théâtre, P.I.A.F de Marijo Kollmannsberger.
                    Double C.D. Écoute Ailleurs
                    Music Theatre: "Il y a une planète",
                    Tourn: Paris, Amsterdam, Potsdam, Munich,
                    Saarbrücken, Hamburg
                    Film Fortune Cookie by C. Berge on W. Kennedy.
                    Music for the exposition of photography by
                    S. Salgado "La main de l’homme"
                    in the palace of Tokyo,
                    "Rencontre avec Jean-Jacques Lemêtre"
                    by  P. Galbeau   France Culture
                    "Le bon plaisir de K. Saporta “, (France Culture)
                    Music accompanying transparencies at the
                    Festival de la Photo in Arles.
                    Festival of Theatre „ Pierres de Cultures “,
                    Music for L’anneau du prince by B.Cohen,
                    Les remparts des sirènes by O. Goetz,
                    L’arbre, les branches, la  sève by JP. Maquair,
                    Plain chant ou la légende d’Henri de J. Fabri
                    C.D. „ Quatre songes pour une nuit d’été “.
                   Theatre, La maison Chapon de A. Biancara,
                    Lyon and Die.
                    Livre VHS Loge à Vue , C.R.D.P. de Montpellier.
·    1994       Theatre, La paix fil à fil, by G. Lagnel, Sarrebourg,
                    Cirque de Barbarie, Une journée singulière.
                    Recording with the Orchestra of Rotterdam.
                    Sacratem by J. Gruson.
                    Commercial, Viennetta by J. Cluzeau.
                    L’automne Indien at Villeneuve sur Lot,
                    concert and exhibitions of instruments.
                    Film, Vacance... by  A. Deruelle
                    Theatre, sound track for "Ma cour d’honneur"
                    by P. Avron.
                    Film, L’Abîme by J. Cluzeau.
                    Film, H.C.B.?, Henri Cartier Bresson by Sarah
                    Film, Dieu que les femmes sont amoureuses
                    by M. Clément.
                    Emission Mégamix by M. Meissonnier (Canal+).
                    Clair de Nuit, France Culture.
                    Les Imaginaires, France Musique.
                    Theater, En partance and La nuit du voyage
                    by G. Lagnel from Arche de Noé (Noah's Ark).
                    La rythmique de la plage 9 from the C.D.
                    „No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant
                    and Jimmy Page.

                    Theatre, La grotte des nuages by Mario Chiapuzzo.
                    Theatre, Iphigénia in Aulis in London, staging:
                    R. Platt.
                    Dance, Hektor I Hektoria, Compagnie Bubulus
·    1995       Main theme of the tv series, Animalia, France 2
                    Main theme of a theatre transmission on
                    France Inter
                    A.M.B. Els Cabells a la sopa Ballet de Carles Sales,
                    Theatre, Le conte de Tchernobyl by Claude
                    Morand, création au théâtre du chaudron.
                    Theatre, La paix fil à fil, 2nd edition, (8ème festival
                     international de Sarrebourg).
                     Concert at the archeologial site at
                     Theatre, Solstice by G. Lagnel at Rodemack.
                    Festival Tramway, 7 silent movies directly                                  accompanied
                     Le jour le plus court, Tour at Rouen, Evreux, le
                     Havre and Dieppe.
                     Exhibition of instruments at the 39th
                     exhibition fare of Valencia.
                    Exemple d’aménagement du territoire                                      (Example of land use planning),
                     Le Mur vidéo by J. Cluzeau at Futuroscope de
                     Theatre, La dispute de Marivaux, staged by
                     G. Bigot.
                     Conference for the Académie expérimentale
                     des théâtres at Avignon.
                     Theatre music for Sergio Béni in Italy.
                     Film: Lumière et Compagnie by Sarah Moon.
·    1996        Theatre, Le conte de Tchernobyl by Cl. Morand
                     Erfurt, Saarbrücken with G. Bigot.
                     Dance, Compagnie Bubulus, Georg, in Barcelona
                     Theatre, François d’Assise par les chemins du
                     monde, by G. Lagnel, Rodemack and festival
                    Dance, Baba-Yaga, choreography by N.L. Loujine                      Theatre, La paix fil à fil, Festival de Sarrebourg.
                     Music for the aerial acrobat duo Manu and Zaza.
                     Journées du Patrimoine (Days of Heritage)
                     at Conques, prod.: G. Lagnel.
                     Theatre, Les vieillards by G. Lagnel in Sorèse.
                     Theatre, Vendredi ou les limbes du pacifique by M.
                     Tournier in Erfurt.
                    Opening parade, „les 400 coups de Montauban “                              Short film, Le Nègre by François Levy-Kuentz.
                     TV programme on Richard Ford by C. Berge
                     for Métropolis, ARTE.
                     Film, Ousmane Sow, le petit jardin by B. Soulé.
                     Métafort d’Aubervilliers with P. Curran.
                     TV transmission, Couleur Pays on FR3 Lyon.
·    1997        Theatre, Le songe de Sor Juana Inès de la Cruz,
                     by W. Storch,  Erfurt.
                     Futuroscope de Poitiers, Les autoroutes de
                     l’information by J. Cluzeau.
                     Music for a transparency installation, F. Leleux
                     at Geneva                       
                     Theatre, sound track La Tartane d’Arlequin,
                     by M. Kollmannsberger, Rodemack.
                     Theatre, François d’Assise in Montauban,
                     Theatre, Désert by Anne Sicco in Toulouse and
                     Albi with M. Marceau.
                     Theatre, Gilgamesh Epic with Simon
                     Abkarian and Catherine Schaub, Bliesbruck
                     Theatre, La mémoire des sables, with the Arche
                     de Noé (Noah's Ark) company at Carthago in
, for the 33rd Festival of Carthago.
                     Music for the slide show of paintings by
                     C. Dupond.
                     "Le bon plaisir“ by Philippe Avron, France Culture.
                     Dance, L’aigle de Vaspourakan by N. Loujine.
                     Street theatre, Parade of l’Arche de Noé,
                     Dance, Murs Murs, by Michèle Meftha.
                     Television, "Die Oase Zarzura", N.D.R. (Hamburg).
                     Theatre, Eclats, Carthage, the memory with the
                     Arche de Noé company at Montauban.
                     Theatre, Les Vieillards with the Arche de Noé
                     company in Sorèse.
                     Cabaret, Les Nomades Rageurs, cabaret sauvage
                     at the Villette (Paris)
                     Theatre, Je Suis un Saumon by Philippe Avron.
                     Theatre, Voyage au pays du masque by Mas
                     Book + CD, Shakespeare, la scène et ses miroirs                      (the stage and its mirrors), collection Théâtre
                     d’aujourd’hui n°6.
                     Theatre, Les Oiseaux d’Aristophane, staged by:
                     M. Kollmannsberger in Rodemack.
                     Theatre, All's well that ends well by
                    W. Shakespeare,
staged by: Irina Brook,                                      festival d’Avignon.
                     Theatre, çok Uzaklardan Geliyoruz by Ali Berktay
                     and Ayse Emel Mesçi (Turkey)
·    1999        Film, La Ville Parjure by C. Vilpoux.
                     Theatre, La femme comme champ de bataille  by
                     M.Visniec, staging: G. Rétoré, Avignon + TEP Paris
                     Documentary on E. Delacroix, Le voyage au
                     Maroc by F. Lévy Kuentz.
                     Documentary, L’expérience Inoubliable by Pierre
                     Morize and J. L. Mahé.
                     Broadcasting by France-Musique, Présentez
                     la facture, Marc Dumont.
                     CD 106 Et soudain des nuits d’éveil
                     CD 107 Tambours sur la digue
                     CD 003 Jean Jacques Lemêtre : CD à ID vol. 1
                     Composition "Mini Polystyl’ Suite “ for Trio
                     Opus 93, conference and concert in Bobigny.
                     Concert et presentation of the book „ L’Orient au
                     Soleil" de F. Quillet.
                     Composition and CD of music pieces for the FFG
                     Hamlet staging: A. Sicco chantiers de l’acteur in
                     Film  „Sur les pas des dinosaures du Lot “ 
                     Opening of the Musée Ichnospace of Luzech, 
                     commission of the Université de Jussieu.
                     Prix de la Musique on the 7th award ceremony
                     for the students of the théâtre de France
                     Fête des Beaux Rêves at the Jardin du Luxembourg,
                     commisssion SNCF
                     Sicily: Chiusura della Stanza di Barco d’Oro by
                     Nagasawa Fiume Romei / Mistretta /  Mercati
                     Generali Fiumara d’Arte  A. Presti/Nagasawa 
                     Musical Logo for Cinétévé
                     Conferences, workshops:
                     Université du Québec in Montréal
                     Ecole nationale de théâtre, au Cegep Lionel Groulx.
                     University College Drama Program de Toronto
                     Université de Besançon.
·    2001        CD 004 Jean Jacques Lemêtre : CD à ID vol. 2
                     «  Aires de France et d’Ailleurs »
·    2004        CD 005  Jean Jacques Lemêtre : CD à ID vol. 3
                     « De-Ci De-là, ÇA et Là »

                     to be continued ...