„...The samurai of European musical theater, he moves with virtuoso speed and silence among clarinet, accordion, tiny violin and double bass, from raps recalling Bartok and Grapelli to percussive gaiety and sinous ottoman despair.“
The New York Times

„... the music becomes the motor of the plot. Jean Jacques Lemêtre has invented it... from an infinite number of unknown instruments, tones and sounds."
Berliner Morgenpost

„... instinctive desire for discovery, experimenting and playing amalgamates with a highly cultivated musicality and a subtly refined art of composition. Past, present and future swing into a whole - magic for heart and soul."
Morgenpost Hamburg

„... the music remains in one's ears. Jean Jacques Lemêtre, the wizard of tones, is recalled explicitely on stage after his performance and cheered by the audience."                   
Theater heute

„... On this stage there actually exists something like the olympus, the seat of the gods. It is situated on the empora to the right  above the stage and it is the realm of Jean Jacques Lemêtre, who performs a drama of antiquity of a very special kind. ... beating the snare drums and stroking and scratching the strings of the bass drum, blowing the flutes and cornets - and sometimes even singing.
Maybe ... this exhilarating music is the true diety of the "Artrides".
Die Zeit.

„...Sur scène, Jean Jaques Lemêtre fait un travail impressionant, jonglant avec des sons qui expriment en musique ce que disent et ressentent les personages.“
("...On stage, Jean Jacques does an impresssive job, juggling with tones which express in music what the characters say and feel.")
La Depeche du Midi, Toulouse

„...Par ses danses, par les musiques grondantes et déchaînées de Jean Jaques Lemêtre,...le choeur impose au spectacle sa direction.“
("...By its dances, by its growling and unleashed music by Jean Jacques Lemêtre, ...the choir imposes its direction on the spectacle.")

Le Monde, Paris

„...une musique vibrante et intensive, qui donne l’impression de remonter jusqu’à la nuit des temps, et en même temps tout à fait actuelle...qui donne (au spectacle) un espace intérieur.“
"A vibrating, intense music, which creates the impression to reach back to time immemorial while at the same time being very modern ...and thus endows the spectacle with an inner space."
Le Devoir, Montréal