Babel Orkestra
The languages and dialects of the world as the basic material for a musical composition
Multi-ethnic scenic oratorium
Composition & Music: J.J. Lemêtre
Choir:  50 - 100 speakers  of any age

The basic idea aims to unify various ethnic groups through the integration of their languages into a complete multi media work.
The texts employed - regardless if literature or colloqial speech - have no substantial meaning but function solely as pure elements of sound.
The individual sound and rhythm of these language elements, however, are not concealed but can be readily identifyed as specific expressions. In the same way the various timbres of the different instruments in an orchestra interact with one another,  the various linguistic sounds complement one another and merge into a musical and rhythmic composition


Music of the 5 Continents
Visual Musical Voyage around teh World

Conversational concert with an individual selection of original instruments from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia as well as Jean Jacques Lemêtres own constructions from various theatre productions.

Concert and short seminar in one:
Lemêtre gives an improvised concert, during the course of which he explains and plays rare, and relatively unknown, scarcely preserved traditional instruments, of which only a few examples exist nowadays, and illustrates the origin and the cause of his own instrumental inventions.

Theatre- and Film-Music
Original compositions for theatre, ballet, film, tv and other scenic productions
played live or as sound track

Seminars and Workshops
"Traditional Music and Instruments",
"Stage Music",
"Construction of Instruments"  a.o.