Critics and public alike have come to recognize Roberto Prosseda’s interpretations as communicating a deep emotion and introspection, but in the same time an unequalled transparency and clarity of play with great variety of timbres, particularly in Prosseda’s use of pianissimo. In the same time, he's also known for his strong interest in undiscovered or forgotten treasures and in new ways of music sharing, why he's at times charcaterised as "Steve Jobs" of the piano.

His sensational discovery of new Mendelssohn works made headlines in Europe and lead to a 10-year’s project dedicated to record Mendelssohn’s complete works for piano solo  released by Decca on 9 albums and finished in 2014.
2017 DECCA published the edition „Mendelssohn Complete Piano Works“ including on a 10th album also the works for 2 pianos and four hands. The box contains more than 50 world premier recordings and has been nominated for several awards.

In cooperation with the German Mendelssohn Stiftung Leipzig, Prosseda has created in 2015 the probably first app upon a classical composer: "i-Mendelssohn" is offering wide ranged information upon Mendelssohn, including aside his biography and  compositions, his writings and paintings, numerous autographs and recording samples.

Prosseda is also the founder and president of the Mendelssohn Society Italy

In 2011, Roberto Prosseda initiated the renaissance of the Pedal Piano, a very popular instrument of the 19th century.  He rediscovered the once varied repertoire originally written for pedal piano or pedal harpsichord by great composers as Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Gounod and Alkan. Being probably the only concert pianist playing the pedal piano at present time, he presented numerous international premiers in Europe and abroad on his modern version of the double piano, the Pinchi Pedal Piano.
His world premier recording of Gounod’s complete works for pedal piano and orchestra released in 2013 and his pedal piano video recital got excellent critics.
Meanwhile, even several contemporary composers  have written for him new pieces for pedal piano.

In 2015, he started his project of a complete recording of Mozart’s piano sonatas.
For his interpretation, Prosseda made a rare decision: After an intense work upon the possibilities of common modern tuning in comparison with historic tuning systems, he decided to tune a modern Fazioli piano to the unequal (Vallotti)  temperament, very common at the time of Mozart.

The 1st album presenting the Sonatas 1-6 and released in April 2016 has received outstanding reviews and was nominated for several classical music awards.
The 2nd album will be published in automn 2017.
Among his innovative concert projects, Prosseda's concert-lectures upon the difference upon 'reproduction' and 'interpretation', which he's performing together with the speaking robot-pianist Teo Tronico take a  special place.
Aside it's critical and pedagogical approach, the performance is also targeting a broader audience, especially young people and kids, who shall be introduced to classical music in an entertaining way.

As interpreter and initiator, Prosseda also belongs to the protagonists of 3 documentaries upon Mendelssohn (2009), Chopin (2010) and Liszt (2011) presenting information upon the composer's life and work including numerous concert recordings and statements..

Prosseda's concern of sharing music under many different aspects also lead him to initiate the foundation "Donatori di Musica", a network of musicians and doctors, which has perfomed  more than 150 concerst in oncological departments of international hospitals.

Aside his intense international concert calendar and his many recording activities with meanwhile eighteen CDs and several videos presenting works by  Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin und Liszt und Gounod, but also contemporary Italian composers, which received numerous international prizes, Prosseda is also very active in musical divulgation. His writings address in various essais and  articles in books and journals musicological items based on an intense research activity.