Live in concert
Gilles Apap

Nordic Chamber Orchestra

Live 15.5.2014,
Tonhallen Sundsvall

Live 7.9.2013
Royal Castle Stockholm

  °  L.v.Beethoven
           Violin conc.D Major,, Rondo Allegro

°    Trad. music
          "Bulgar Thing" arr. f. string orchestra

Gilles Apap
& Colors of Invention
"sans orchestre"

Philharmonie Berlin
January 2009

     CD  "sans orchestre


°       M. Ravel
         "Le Tombeau de Couperin"
4th mov: Rigaudon
   °      A. Vivaldi
         "The Four Seasons"
Spring, 1st mov.

°     M. Ravel

°    American Old

Gilles Apap
Solo Sonaten

  °    E. Ysaye
Sonate Nr.3 D Minor, "Ballade"

CD: Music for solo violin

Gilles Apap  &
Éric Ferrand N'Kaoua, piano
Duo Sonatas  

°    G. Enescu
Sonata Nr. 3 A Minor
         "Allegro con brio"
CD: Enescu, Debussy , Ravel                 Sonatas for violin & and piano