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       After the successful release (DECCA 2015) of the complete recording of all works for piano 4 hands and 2 pianos by Mendelssohn, the DUO Roberto Prosseda & Alessandra Ammara, has recorded a 2nd album with the rare  concerts for 2 pianos by Mendelssohn.
It has been released on November 14 by Universal/DECCA and is available at Amazon and international streaming platforms.

Both recordings are connected to a common repertoire with corresponding programs including a special chamber music selection entitled "Piano Duett".


With the release of 2  new ercordings,  Prosseda's Mendelssohn canon, brilliantly based on his complete recordings of the works for solo piano, has once again been extended:
The Double concerto f. violin & piano recorded with Shlomo Mintz was released by Universal/Decca in July, followed by the Concerts for 2 pianos, recorded with Alessandra Ammara, released in November.

And in early 2020 Mendelssohn's
Sonatas f. violin and piano, again recorded with Mintz are planned to be published by Universal/DECCA Italy.
Complementarily, a recording of the concert for piano and strings in A Minor is planned to follow later on.

Together with 1st+2nd piano concert (released in November 2018), the 3rd piano concerto (based on the completed fragment and recorded with the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig), a large spectrum of Mendelssohn's concerts will then be available in 2020 latest.

Aside this Romantic repertoiy,  a new recording with contemporary works of Italiancomposers is planned as well.

For the 2020 concert season, aside numerous masterclasses, Prosseda's concert schedule will lead him to  Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Turkey and China performing concerts and recitals of the Romantic era, mainly centered upon Mozart and Mendelssohn.

And an intereresting new duo programm for 2 pianos or piano 4 hands,  the "Piano Duett" which Prosseda will perform together with AlessandraAmmara
has ben included in his repertoir.

In January 2021, Prosseda will celebrate the New Year  in Germany, where he will perform a series of concerts for Pedal Piano with the Stuttgart Philharmonic orchestra.

After the release of the Double Concerto for Violin & Piano by Mendelssohn in July 19, a second album is gong to be released  in early 2020: Mendelssohn's Sonotas for violin& piano .

Both CDs are distributerd by Universal/Decca Ital and are connected to corresponding concert and recital programs.





  Presse  &  Video

.After the release of  Mintz' longtime expected album with the solo sonatas by Ysaye and Mendelssohn's Double Concerto for violin & piano recorded with Italian pianist and Mendelssohn specialist Roberto Prosseda, an album with Mendelssohn's Sonatas f. Violin anf Piano (again performed with Prosseda) is programmed to be  released in early 2020.

Aside his vocation for pedagigic work which Mintz engages jhimself insensely in the frame of his regular international masterclasses, Mintz
activities in 2020 will be marked by his increasing interest in combining his work as soloist with conducting..

Alongside, Shlomo Mintz' upcoming season on European concert podiums will include a cycle of solo sonatas, a duo recital series and a new chamber music program with the Philharmonic Violins Berlin. 



  Press  &  Video
For 2020, Lombardi is focusing a quite broad spectrum of projects:
not only, that he will return to his work upon his new opera project 
"ORA - Till the end of the land", the libretto of which is based upon a novel by Man Booker-Prize winner David Grossmann,

There are also several ideas for new commissions,
among them an European theme, probably a text by late Nobel price winner Günter Grass, and probably a suite for piano.

Finally,  in view the climate change problem,  a plan to complement his compositions "Terra" and "Mare" by "Vento" and "Sole" to become a 'Symphony of Elements'.
Aside. there are also plans to produce several new Cds, including a recording of his string quartetts.


Betty is looking forward to an exciting new commission with which she was charged for by Daniel Barenboim for the Berlin based Boulez Ensemble.

In our period of worldwide wars and struggles
, Olivero's "Neharo't, Neharo't gets an increasing, but deeply sad importance and is currently often performed: 
With women in mourning,
mothers, widows and sisters who had lost their loved ones, live recorded and woven into the composed music, Olivero gives the suffering of the victims in the battle zones of the world a moving voice.

On the contarry, another of her compositions,
The shadow which brings dreams, dedicated to original writings of children who had been deported to Theresienstadt, is meant to be a message of  hope, since the children, even though surrounded by death and despair, speak in simple words upon hope and the beauty of the creation.

Among the many works she composed there's the successful original soundtrack for the German silent movie "Der Golem" commissioned by ART WORKs Berlin for Giora Feidman and the Arditti String Quartet.
After it's successful world premier in 1996, the music went around the world, accompanying the silent movie or as chamber music version for string orchestra: suites f. clarinet and string quartett or string orchestra.



      Video footage for all film concerts

      Info Silent movies from Japan
In many aspects, the past year was quite spectacular for Günter:

After the successful world premier of his new sound track for the silent movie
 "Die Stadt ohne Juden" (The city without Jews) in Seattle, Buchwald's new music for "CASANOVA", a French-Russian silent movie from 1927, has been premiered with overwhelming succes with the Freiburg Philharmonic orchestra conducted by Buchwald.

And the Cinémathèque Francaise, who has restored the film and helds the copyrightwill release a DVD of the film together with Buchwald's new sound track.

Finally, in November 2019, the German premier of  a chamber version of  Buchwald's music for "Express 300 Miles", a rare silent movie from Japan, took place in Berlin.

Since already further performances of Casanova are programmed for Pordenone,  Bristol, Venice and Paris and not few other film concerts with his music there's reason to believe that 2020 will not be less interesting for him...

DVD-Democopies of Buchwalds film concerts with Murnaus "Nosferatu" and "Faust", the Hollywood production "The Wind" and the Japanese silent movies "Sumiko" and "Express 300 Miles" are available.





Music  written for the ThdS
Music from "Cds à ID"

There are 2 new publications available upon Lemêtre's work and music:
 "Jouer avec la musique" a book upon his work with the Théâtre du Soleil has been published by Actes-Sud.
And a DVD with 4 films by Anne Lacombe upon his music,
"L'oeil et l'oreille"  has been released at Fortdecafe.

The last production of Ariane Mnouchkine's Théâtre du Soleil,  "Une chambre en Inde" with the music of Lemêtre has been nominated for French Prix Molière.