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Cultural MCA  by Corona Lockdown ...
The Corona lockdown has hit  first culture and culture will probably also be the last one to be back in real  live.
Of course, all our artists are affected in different  ways. Not only under a financial aspect, but also in their artistical interchange.
Many concerts, recordings and commisions for new works have been cancelled or postponed till further information. For some there will be - with a bit of luck - alternative dates in automn or in 2021, or even only in 2022.
Please, find in our
calendar all details upon cancelled and postponed events,  as well as upon those, who will, as far as we know - probably take place as scheduled.

But, thank God, even that virus-monster cannot  reduce to complete silence such a vital and creative community!
Here, you go with current information and news upon how our artists deal with the situation and what they're planning for the time 'after'.

Stay healthy!!




Fotunately, after numerous concerts had been postponed or cancelled in spring and summer, almost all of Prosseda's concerts will probably take place in automn and winter - ending on December 31 with the rehearsals for quite a highlight:
3 concerts
to celebrate the New Year 2021 with the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra performing Gounod's cheerful concert for Pedal Piano and orchestra!

Aside his concert activities, there's quite a lot going on concerning his discography:
On October 2, his second Mendelssohn recording with Shlomo Mintz was released: now the album with Mendelssohn's Double Sonatas for violin and piano is available at DECCA/Universal and Amazon.
On top of it, DECCA will publish in 2021 a box with all 5 albums of Prosseda's complete recording of Mozart piano sonatas.

And finally, in 2021, he will catch up his recording
of contemporary Italian piano works with the London Philharmonic Orchestra , which had been cancelled in 2020 due to Corona.

But, such an inventive artist with great online affinity has also quite a bit to do
beyond concert stages - even in Corona-times.
In May, he has finalized "MFClassrooms"  an online new service, specially created for E-Learning in music, where Music schools, teachers and students can book an individual online account -  'virtual video classrooms' - to organise individual online lessons.
Elaborated by Prosseda and experienced colleagues and realized by highly qualified IT-specialists
, this service has been customized  to meet the needs for high audio quality requested by music teachers and students, but normally missing in other current video conference systems.

Aside,  Prosseda strengthens and extends his new online series entitled "The Professional Pianist", already started in February and in the frame of which he regularly publishes short videos demonstrating on the piano different aspects of the pianistic work which he considers interesting and important.

And, recently, he started together with his wife, the pianist Alessandra Ammara, the Facbook platform
"Casa Prosseda" presenting at the piano enjoyable and witty verbal and musical dialogues with Alessandra.


The Italian Pianist Alessandra Ammara, Prosseda's partner in life and music, has just published at Piano Classics the second album of her complete recordings of Debussy's Piano Works, started in 2016 with the first already very successful CD.

The DUO Ammara & Prosseda already released 2 Mendelssohn albums: the complete recording of all works for piano 4 hands and 2 pianos (DECCA 2015) and a 2nd album with the rare  concerts for 2 pianos (DECCA November 2019).
Both also available at Amazon and on international streaming platforms.

Both recordings are connected to a common concert repertoire including a special chamber music selection entitled "Piano Duett".



After Shlomo Mintz' concerts and masterclasses as well as the Mintz Festival in Argentina programmed for spring and summer 2020 had been cancelled or postponed to 2021, he's happy that to 2 concerts in October in Sofia ansd Milano can take place and is looking forward to possible performances in 2021.

On top of it, on October 2, Universal/DECCA has released Mintz' new
Mendelssohn album:  the  Double Sonatas for violon and piano, recorded with Roberto Prosseda..

And ro compensate his missing masterclasses during the Corona pandemie, Mintz has created a new online platform:
Shlomo Mintz Academy for online-lessons and seminars.

Already in early summer, he had initiated together with musicians and institutions from all over the world a beautiful and important event to support the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR
protectand support  refugees against COVÌD19.

He has led and performed a Charity Concert entitled "United in Music",
uniting musicians from 30 different orchestras.
They are aiming to collect donations for UNHCR
, which has to face the challenging task to protect all the homeless refugees, who belong to the most helpless and especially hard hit people worldwide.

On May 28, the concert was online on all UN youtube channels under the patronage of the UN High Commissioner for refugees and has collected a sensible amount of donations.



  Press  &  Video
During the Corona lockdown, Lombardi is focusing a quite broad spectrum of projects:
Not only, that he will return to his work upon his new opera project 
"OFER - Till the end of the land", the libretto of which is based upon the novel by Man Booker-Prize winner David Grossmann,

There are also several ideas for new commissions,
among them an European theme, probably a text by late Nobel price winner Günter Grass, and probably 2 new piano compositions, a suite and a new concert.
Finally,  in view the climate change problem,  a plan to complement his compositions "Terra" and "Mare" by "Vento" and "Sole" to become a 'Symphony of Elements'.


The world premiere of an orchestra version of the original soundtrack Betty initially composed for Giora Feidman and the Arditti String Quartet to accompany the screening of the famous German silent Movie  "Der Golem" scheduled to take place in July on the legendary Potemkin steps for an audience of 10.000 visitors in the frame of Int. Odessa Film festival/Ukraine, the most important Film Festival in Eastern Europe, had of course been cancellled.

But due to the Corona lockdwon, the Odessa Filmfestival  has now been realized online in September /October - presenting as it's
only LIVE Event on October 2 the premiere of the "GOLEM" with orchestra!
Following the first echoes, it has been a 'magique' experience!

Currently, Betty is working upon an exciting new commission with which she was charged for by Daniel Barenboim for the Berlin based Boulez Ensemble.



      Video footage for all film concerts

      Info Silent movies from Japan
Also Buchwald's scheduled film concerts, mostly with him conducting his own music and/or great symphony orchestras, from March till July, have been cancelled or postponed - partly till 2021.

Among them the world premiere of the orchestrated version of Betty Oliveros music for "Der Golem", Buchwald was engaged to take care of and which he should have directed in the frame of the International Filmfestival Odessa in front of 10.000 spectators on the legendary Potemkin steps.
But, due to the Corona situation in Ukraine, the festival had sadly renounce to invite him for conducting.

On top of it, the projected performances of the spectacular French Silent movie "Casanova" with Buchwalds new music programmed to take place in the frame of the Silent Movie festival in 
Pordenone in October hade to be postponed to 2021.
But, fortunately, the recording of his new soundtrack, which the Cinémathèque Francaise will to use for a DVD featuring the restored and completed version of "Casanova" will be realized in late automn.

And also a screening of "City without Jews" with Buchwald's  new music in the frame of the Jewish-Isr.Cultural days in Thüringen/Germany will take place on November 3. Buchwald and the well known german clarinettist Helmut Eisel will perform a duo version.

On the contray, a film concert planned fo November in Moscow has been canceleld and the San Franciasco Filmfestival had to be postponed  to  automn 2021.

Buchwald profits from his forced 'time out' to work upon the orchestration of the "Golem", an arrangenment of Bizet's "L'Arlesienne" to be recorded with Octuor de France, and a compilation of "Carmen" to be performed with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Bruxelles in November.

DVD-Democopies of Buchwalds film concerts with Murnaus "Nosferatu" and "Faust", the Hollywood production "The Wind" and the Japanese silent movies "Sumiko" and "Express 300 Miles" are available.





Music  written for the ThdS
Music from "Cds à ID"

Before joining again the Théâtre du Soleil for the rehearsals of a new producrion provisorily stopped in March, upon the theme of which Ariane Mnouchkine is still remaing silent ("Le sujet, que je ne peux ni ne veux évoquer ...), it could be heard, that Lemêtre seems to enjoy 'life at the countryside' with picks and shovels, planting and cooking ...

There are 2 new publications available upon Lemêtre's work and music:
 "Jouer avec la musique" a book upon his work with the Théâtre du Soleil has been published by Actes-Sud.
And a DVD with 4 films by Anne Lacombe upon his music,
"L'oeil et l'oreille"  has been released at Fortdecafe.