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2017 / 2018

We're looking forward to our cooperation
with the Italian composer Luca Lombardi.
Comprehensive information soon

Mendelssohn complete Piano Works - collector's edition published by DECCA/Universal
Recording of Gounod's complete piano works finished
Release of 2nd album of the complete recordings of Mozart piano sonatas postponed to automn 2017

  ART WORKs Management for Apap has finished
Calendar of  ART WORKs concerts with Apap in 2017 + 2018

  "GOLEM" - DVD with soundtrack by Olivero
and parts and scores for the GOLEM-Suites are available

New music for "Casanova" in 2018
DVD copies for "Sumiko" and "Nosferatu"
with original soundtrack by Buchwald

Workshop "le Corps Musical" in South-America
New Théâtre du Soleil production "Une Chambre en Inde"
still running


Vera Giese
Berlin,  May 2017

Video in May

Roberto Prosseda

live  in concert 2017

W. A. Mozart

Concert f. piano & orchestra
KV 721
3rd movement

Verona, Teatro Filarmonico, March 19, 2017



Ch. Gounod,
Conc. f. Piano-Pédalier & Orch.
2nd. mov.
live recorded in Pordenone/Italy

Mendelssohn piano works
Concerto f. piano & orchestra no. 3., 3rd mov
(Gewandhausorch. Leipzig, R. Chailly,  Decca Cd 2009 )

Prosseda live in concert

Felix Mendelssohn
Variations sérieuses, d-moll, op. 54

*** "Mendelssohn Complete Piano Works",
 CD Nr.5


Mozart, Solo Sonatas f. piano
Complete Recording
1.Album :
Sonata nr. 2  F Major, KV 280,  2.Satz, Adagio
Sonata nr.4 E flat major, KV 282, 2.Satz, Menuetto

   Pedal Piano Cycle
Video footage


"Skizze für den Pedalflügel" op. 58 n. 3

Ch.V. Alkan,
Prélude op.66,4   * 
Prelude op.66, 3

J.S. Bach
Passacaglia c-moll, BWV 582

Pedal Piano Recital

Works by Schumann, Boely, Gounod , Alkan


Roberto has finished the recording of the complete piano works by Charles Gounod for DECCA. The album will be published for the 200th birthday of Gounod in 2018.

It is not without reason, that on the left side you'll find a video presenting Prosseda live in concert with a Mendelssohn recital.
It refers to a long expected CD release:
In April 2017, DECCA pays tribute to Prosseda's intense engagement for a better appreciation of Mendelssohn's piano work
by the worldwide release of a collector's box of Mendelssohn's complete piano works  with 9 CDs plus a 10th album with all works for four hands or 2 pianos. The box is completed by Prosseda's comprehensive liner notes upon each composition.

Thus, a beautiful overview upon Prosseda's 10-year project of recording all of Mendelssohn's Piano Works, including numerous first recordings of discoveries and rarities  will no finally be available for all interested. ***
*** In a first time already available at amazon  and  jpc

" ... a pianistical major achievement, which holds true in several respects. On one hand, there are not much complete Mendelssohn recordings, and these few are not convincing all around.

And on the other hand, Prosseda has everything a distinguished Mendelssohn interpreter needs: a sens for the arioso, for melodic phrases; clarity of touch which, even on the modern piano, is still revealing how the historical  instruments of the 19th century have sounded. And finally, Prosseda shows an infaillible sens for the suspense curves of this music and as well for the small distensions in transitions ... "

In favour of the Mendelssohn edition, the release of the 2nd album with the sonatas 7-12. of Prossedas complete recordings of all Mozart sonatas, has been postponed to automn 2017.
For the 2nd part of his Mozart series, Prosseda has slightly changed the mechanic of his Fazioli which shall enable him to use a 'sordino' effect similair to the one of historical pianos at Mozart's time.

Concerning the challenges and awardings of his Mozart conception, Prosseda gave an interesting interview to the online-magazine piano street.com: read more

The 1st Mozart album presenting the Sonatas 1-6 and released by DECCA in April 2016 was nominated for ICMA 2017 and chosen among the best new recordings 1/2017 by German critics.

The album is available at DECCA/Universal in Italy, Germany and France and on i-tunes  and  amazon and listed by spotify

Some audio samples can be
found at left side.

He're are some excerpts from critics:

" ... A recording which has to become a new reference. " 

" ... one listens with awesome fascination how Mozart’s music, liberated from any sentimantalism, speaks to us with an utmost purity"

"... Never, I had heard the Mozart Sonatas performed that beautifully. Roberto Prosseda speaks Mozart’s language. [...] in an award-worthy way. ..."

" ... Prosseda's interpretations are marked by  unusual and expressive colors. The dynamic nuances are as striking as the razor- sharp but enver chilling clarity of his play, which is [... ] full of expression without being pathetic. "

Prosseda's concert calendar for 2017/18 will include numerous concerts to be performed with international symphonic orchestras, recitals with Mozart sonatas and  "Romances sans paroles" , a newly conceived program combining Mendelssohn's "Lieder ohne Worte" with compositionsn by  Gounod and completed by works of other French Romantic composers .

And: in view of  Gounods 200th birthday in 2018, Prosseda will intensify promoting the Renaissance of the Pedal Piano, performing in Europe and abroad the concert for piano pédalier by Gounod and several recitals as well.

 Playing Heart, Soul and Feet'
" ... Italian pianist Roberto Prosseda revives a lost art, recreating the haunting melodies of a pedal piano. The Italian pianist is on a one-man mission to revive the music of the pedal piano, a monstrous double-decker grand piano that was popular in the late-19th century but has long since fallen out of fashion. In addition to the theatrical element, there is the almost architectural quality of the sound, created by the interplay of the two vertically stacked soundboards. In the works for pedal piano by Schumann, that spatial element is given an emotional dimension. [...] 
Corinna da Fonseca Wollheim, The Wall Street Journal

"... Gounod's music for pedal piano: great stuff!  [...]  THis disc really does represent a revelation ..."   Classics Today / Major Discoveries

'" ... a real winner … one of the very jolliest of piano-and-orchestra recordings to come my way for some time … being Gounod, it is supremely well-crafted melodic music, but the kind of material that can collapse like a soufflé without the right cast to show it in its best light … Hyperion's cast is top drawer … given exactly the right light touch and deft execution, abetted by Howard Shelley's stylish accompaniment, Gounod's box of bonbons is an unexpected delight ... "



Violin Conc. no. 4
  3rd mov. (Clip with Cadenza Apap)


Ravel, Sonata f. violin & piano, 2nd mov. "Blues"
(Diana Kettler,piano)

Apap & Colors of Invention:


Traditional:  Hangman's Reel

Photo: Studio 12,  by courtesy of Teatro Ponchielli Cremona

Our longtime activity as general management of Apap have ended.
By, bye and good luck!

Concerning the preparing, planning and realisation of all concerts and engagements already agreed with ART WORKs nothing will change.
For any information+questions we will remain in full charge.

Till end of season 2016/17, that also applies for any running concert negotiations already engaged.

Calendar of Apap concerts with ART WORKs:
3.3. Santa Rosa (USA)  *  7.-10.3. Atelier Cergy-Pontoise (Conserv.) * 11.3. Cergy Pontoise (F) * 12.3. Cergy Pontoise (F) * 14.3. Cergy-Pontoise (F) * 19.3. Calais (F) * 22.3. Izmir (Tk) *  24.3. Winterthur (CH) * 25.3. Winterthur(CH) * 10.5. Den Haag (NL)  *  12.-15.6.  Villa Musica (G), Masterclasses *
16.6. Mainz (D) * 17.6. Edenkoben (D) * 18.6. Schloss Engers (D) * 19.6. Villa Musica, Mastercla. 24.6. Reims (F) *   31.7. + 1.8. Lunéville (F) WS  * 2.8. Lunéville (F) * 2.-7.10. Tour Schweden *
2018:  21.-26.5.  Tour Sweden


Original soundtrack
Live recorded
( w. Giora Feidman & Arditti String Quartett)


Chap.1, Intro

Chap. 4, The fire

Chap.5, Finale

Chamber music:
The Golem suites
"Zeks Yiddishe Lider un Tantz"
(CD Feidman & Arditti String Quartett: Der Golem)

We're happy to renew our collaboration with Betty Olivero, one of the most admired composers in Israel.

Betty has become known for her exquisite expressions of Jewish and Israeli cultural and national identity in her music. Her career developed largely in Europe during her eighteen-year residence in Florence, Italy between 1983 and 2001.

After her return to Israel in 2002, she became the first woman composer in Israel to assume the post of a professor of composition at Bar-Ilan University.
In 2004, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra selected her as the first woman in Israel to assume the post of composer in residence. Above and beyond her professional successes, the quality of her music, and especially its emotional impact, established her as a leading composer of her generation in Israel and a worldwide acclamed artist.

Thus critics in Israel and abroad reviews showered her with superlatives.

Lucio Berio said upon Betty:
" I think that [Betty Olivero] is one of the most authentic musical forces now, one of the most self-aware and deeply connected to today’s Jewish music. … As a composer, she is a most impressive voice in Jewish culture and an important presence from a worldwide perspective as well.  [...] What is great about her is that she does not use the tradition as an ideological tool or, worse, as a political tool. She uses the spiritual dimension... "

Among the many works she composed for great international orchestras and chamber music ensembles, there's the successful original soundtrack for the German silent movie "Der Golem" commissioned by ART WORKs Berlin in 1996 for Giora Feidman and the Arditti String Quartet.
The ART WORKS production  "Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam" combining a restored copy of  the famous silent movie by Paul Wegener with Olivero's multicolored and somptous soundtrack has been premiered at the Vienna Konzerthaus with Giora Feidman and the Arditti String Quartett and since then the film and the music continue to be shown worldwide.

Since Olivero's composition which combines different contemporary musical styles with Jewish Folk  and Klezmer as well as with very old Jewish liturgical music, has proved to have such a musical impact that it also can stand alone - without the film - Betty Olivero has composed out of her sound track several chamber music versions to be  performed without the screening of the film.
The 2 suites for clarinet and string quartett or string orchestra include all themes of the film and elements of the deeply touching liturgical chants, but also the jazzy and explosiv  yiddish d

Detailed information and material for both formulas - the silent movie with Olivero's soundtrack and the 2 chamber music versions -  are available at ART WORKs Berlin!
We will also be happy to provide you with the contact  data of the editor for
getting the rental material.


"Nosferatu - Clip"
w. new original soundtrack by
G.A. Buchwald

"SUMIKO - Clip"
  w. original soundtrack by
G.A. Buchwald

"Casanova - Clipping"
"Dance of Swordas" & "Carneval in Venice"

(copyright Cinémathèque Francaise)

Buchwald is currently working  upon a new original sound track for "Casanova", a French-Russian silent movie from 1927.
 The music will be premiered at the 1st  International Freiburg Filmmusic Festival in April 2018.
Cinémathèque Francaise will release a DVD with Buchwald's new sound track.

The German soloist, conductor and composer Günter A. Buchwald is one of the pioners of the renaissance of silent movie music and recognized as a master of that genre, especially regarded as one of the finest Charlie Chaplin interpreters, and sought after worldwide for silent movie performances with live music.

Based on his repertoire of  more than 2600 films, he as appeared at film festivals in Europe  and abroad, being invited to special events in New York, Tokyo, Paris, Tel Aviv and Munich and has performed more than 2900 movie concerts as a soloist, with his Silent Movie Music Company or by conducting symphony orchestras.

Besides, he  composed numerous new original symphonic soundtracks, among which  "Faust" and  "Nosferatu" by Murnau," Paris qui dort" by Rene Clair or the Japanese legandary silent movie"A girl named Sumiko".

For "Nosferatu" and "Sumiko"
DVD copies
of a screening with Buchwalds new soundtracks are now available."

The restored version of the longtime lost Japanese classic "The girl Sumiko" has been shown by ARTE
together with the music by Buchwald, commissioned by Goethe-Intitut Kyoto and premiered at the Filmfestival Tokyo.

Some press echoes:
world premiere of a new score for the silent classic NOSFERATU, the first Dracula thriller, truly a wonderful symphony of horror, which totally seduced its public. The score is as melodious,  effective and rhythmically enthralling for the images of the mighty  Carpathians, as for the eerie sea voyage, with the symphony orchestra´s full of verve revised Wagnerian sound and then reflecting fright, anxiety, the horror, the spectre of the plague with all the harrassing possibilities of  dissonances ! "
  Jürgen Lodemann.
“This music is the essential key for the modern interpretation of Brian Stoker´s Dracula story, brilliantly working out the ups and downs of psychological human behavior. Congratulations !” (SWR Radio):

... standing ovation (…) for an outstanding, highly interesting and congenial interpretation.” (radio dreyeckland)

The scores for "Nosferatu", "Faust" and "Sumiko" 
are available for further performances with  Günter Buchwald conducting.

„ ... incredible performance -  it was great!“     
Chaplin Association Paris

„ ... unglaublich seine Fähigkeit, dem Filmgeschehen einen großen musikalischen Rahmen zu geben...“
Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin

Comprehensive information


"Une Chambre en Inde"

Photos: 2016 © Anne Lacombe

Music from theatre productions

"Les Naufragés du Fol espoir" :
Magyar * Scot Rag  * Valse à trois

"Les Atrides" Danse nr.1

Music from Lemêtres  Cd series
"CDs à ID"
"Sabaher"     "Barocco"   "En train"  
"Duo Düdük"   "Aux Puces"     Saphique

Just now, Lemêtre is doing a workshop in South-America with for theme "Le Corps Musical", working with musicians, actors and dancers.

The new production of Ariane Mnouchkine's Théâtre du Soleil,  Une chambre en Inde" with the music of Lemêtre.

Performances are scheduled every day (except every Monday + Tuesday) .

In favour of the