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Mendelssohn piano concertos 1-3  *   Gounod Piano Recordings  * 2nd album of piano sonatas by Mozart

Current opera project *  new symphonic and vocal compositions
CD with works for flute

 Neharo't, Neharo't * The Shadow that brings Dreams

 "Die Stadt ohne Juden" at Seattle Festival

 ThdS-Production "Une Chambre en Inde"
again on stage
nominated for
French Prix Molière 2018 

Vera Giese
Berlin, August  2018


Shlomo Mintz and Roberto Prossda have started their project of a series of 3 CDs by the recording of the Sonotas for violin and piano by Mendelssohn.
This 1st album is planned to be released in December 2018.

The 2nd CD with works by
Bartok, Stockhausen, Omizzolo completed by one of Mintz' own compositions.
is programmed for automn 2018.

The 3rd recording centered upon the Double Concerto by Mendelssohn is going to be done in December 2018.


Mintz' recording of the solo sonatas by Ysaye has been finalized and is planned to be released till end of 2018..

Aside his international concert and education activities,
Shlomo Mintz will focus on European concert podiums with  his cycle of solo sonatas, symphonic concerts, often lead from the violin, concert- and duo programs with Roberto Prosseda and will perform with the Philharmonic Violins Berlin (members of the Berlin Philh. Orch.)


Current calendar
    Press  &  video
Prosseda's recording of Mendelssohn's 1st+2nd piano concert with Dutch Residentie Orkest will be released in September 2018by DECCA.
Together with his recording of the 3rd concerto (based on the completed fragment and done with the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig) all Mendelssohn concertos interpreted by Prosseda will then be available.

The 2nd album of Prossedas Mozart project presenting the solo sonats 7-12  published by DECCA Italy has been received - just as the 1st album - with amazing   reviews.
As the first album, the second is available at DECCA Italy/Universal  and on i-tunes  and  amazon and listed by spotify.

Concerning the challenges and awardings of his Mozart conception, Prosseda gave an interesting interview to the online-magazine piano street.com: read more

Prosseda's recording of piano works by Charles Gounod has been put into the long list3/2018 of the German Record Critics Award.
The album was published
by DECCA for the international market to mark the 200th birthday of Gounod in April 2018.

The first critics are underlining Prosseda's brilliant, but in the same time sensitive and fragrant play and his respectful and serious approach considering even the so-called small pieces as 'little jewels'.

Thus, this album is offering a new view upon the Gounod's piano work worth to be listened to.



  Presse  &  Video
Lombardis compositions, essais and writings are often motivated by  special aspects, which reach beyond music political, social and philosophical issues and concerns - which he also proposes for discussion in the frame of concert-lectures.

Lombardi already composed 4 operas  and currently intends working upon a quite exciting project:  a new opera "OFER" the libretto of which is based upon a novel by Man Booker-Prize winner David Grossmann).

Aside, he's preparing several commissioned symphonic and chamber music compositions for German orchestras and festivals to be premiered in 2018 + 2019.
Likewise, a new composition for the Morricone birthday in November 18 in Italy

In July 18,  Kairos published the CD "Music for solo flute" featuring the well known Italian soloist Roberto Fabricciani.


" The aim of my musical creation is
 ... to participate in the essence of oral tradition:
transmission of essence, preservation and change ...

   Der GOLEM


Neharo't, Neharo't

Among the many works she composed for great international orchestras and chamber music ensembles, there's the successful original soundtrack for the German silent movie "Der Golem" commissioned by ART WORKs Berlin in 1996 for Giora Feidman and the Arditti String Quartet.

Oliveros soundtrack is also available as independant concert adaptation: the suites f. clarinet and string quartett or string orchestra.
Detailed information and material for both formulas - the silent movie with Olivero's soundtrack and the 2 chamber music versions -  are available at ART WORKs Berlin.

Another of Oliver's works gets an increasing, but deeply sad importance in our period of worldwide wars and struggles and is currently often performed:  "Neharo't, Neharo't
With women in mourning, mothers, widows and sisters who had lost their loved ones, live recorded and woven into the composed music, Olivero gives the suffering of the victims in the battle zones of the world a moving voice.

The shadow which brings dreams, a scenique concert for 2 children choirs and chamber groups, is dedicated to original writings of children who had been deported to Theresienstadt, which, surrounded by death and despair, speak in simple words upon hope and the beauty of the creation.
2018, eigthy years after the pogrom night of November 9, 1938, Olivero sets against one of the darkest periods of human history the spiritual and mental  strength of the victims: a hymn to life.


      Videos footage for all
                 film concerts

      Info Silent movies from Japan

The Seattle festival charged Buchwald to compose a new music for the the silent movie "Die Stadt ohne Juden" (The town without Jews) from 1924.
It will be premiered on April 15 2019 in Seattle .

new original sound track for "CASANOVA", a French-Rus-
sian silent movie from 1927, 
will be premiered in June 2019.
The Cinémathèque Francaise will release a DVD with Buchwald's new sound track.

Thanks to his longtime cooperation with theTokio and Kyoto festival,
uchwald's wide ranging repertoire includes numerous   silent movies from Japan, very seldom shown in Europe including the classical silent movie "Sumiko", for which Buchwald wrote a new  music.

DVD-Democopies for Buchwalds Murnaus "Nosferatu" and "Faust", "The Wind" and the Japanese silent movie  "Sumiko" as well as the corresponding scores are available.





Musik  Lemêtres aus Produktionen des ThdS
Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir" :
Magyar * Scot Rag  * Valse à trois
"Les Atrides" :   Danse nr.1

   Musik aus Lemêtres "Cds à ID"

There are 2 new publications available upon Lemêtre's work and music:
On march 28,
"Jouer avec la musique" a book upon his work with the Théâtre du Soleil has been published by Actes-Sud.
And a DVD with 4 films by Anne Lacombe upon his music,
"L'oeil et l'oreille"  has been released at Fortdecafe.

The last production of Ariane Mnouchkine's Théâtre du Soleil,  "Une chambre en Inde" with the music of Lemêtre has been nominated for French Prix Molière 2018.
Performances are on stage again since February 2018.